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With approximately two-thirds of US adults overweight, weight loss is a concern that affects many.  Being overweight should be approached as a health concern, not simply a beauty issue. At On Demand Healthcare, that is exactly the approach that is taken. We have developed a low cost program that combines the use of a reduced calorie diet, Lipotropic injections (Lipotropic injection solutions are a mixture of key vitamins and amino acids that assist your body in mobilizing stored fat to be burned off as energy), and prescribed appetite suppressants to help jump start your lifestyle change leading to healthy weight loss.

Weight Loss Pricing

Initial consult : $150*

1 Month Follow-up Visit: $100

Lipotropic Injection:
Member: $12
Non-member: $15

Semaglutide management: $550**

*Weight Loss Management is included for members

* Initial consult includes vital signs, BMI, body fat analysis and physical assessment. Follow up visits include vital signs, BMI, body fat analysis and physical assessment.

** Includes office visit, and two months of medication delivered to your door. Pricing will increase slightly with increase in dosage used.

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With On Demand Healthcare, you get exceptional service with a more personal touch. We offer more time with your providers for less money. We believe that your healthcare team should spend plenty of time with you, getting to know your history and building trust.

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